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Join the Songs of Freedom family on

Thursday Night, December 17, 7:30pm

as we celebrate Phil Ochs' 75th birthday with an evening of song and memories in Kew Gardens, NY.

Fifty years ago, Phil played at a coffehouse called The Interlude Cafe. The venue is now called Odradeks Coffee House. Joel Landy will host an evening remembering the life and music of one of the 1960s most memorable songwriters, activists and performers. Guest artists will be there to share songs and stories, but the evening will be made special by audience memories and stories as well. 
I hope you join us for a special evening.

It is FREE to the public.

Odradeks is located at 

82-60 Austin Street, Kew Gardens, NY

right next to the LIRR train station

Here is a link to the Facebook event page.

And here is a flyer to print out and distribute.


Solidarité pour toujours!

Recent news stories from our streets and across the sea remind us how grim our task as compassionate human beings can sometimes appear. 
Don't lose heart. Remember, you have a voice and you are not alone. Find your friends.
Count your blessings. Transcend the ugliness with your creativity and your love.

Get your rest.  Stay healthy.  Stay strong.  We need you.  Let's get to work together!

In Solidarity and Spirit     ~  joel 


2015 Performances


Here is a sample of the music
shared that evening.

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?"
with Joel Landy and  The Great Dancer Faith

Saturday, May 9th  at the Peoples' Voice Cafe

Community Church of New York
40 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016

Second Annual Pete Seeger Sing-Along Celebration

Steve Deasy Mike Glick Bev Grant ▪ Robin Greenstein
Ben Grosscup
▪ Joel Landy ▪ Anne Price ▪ Professor Louie
Ben Silver
▪ Steve Suffet (MC)

All proceeds wemt to support the People's Music Network
and the Peoples' Voice Cafe


NEFFA, the New England Folk Festival, was a blast this year.
I led two sessions. One was The Ultimate Parody Jam and the other was a Funny Song Swap. What fun!  Let's do it again next year!
Check out the video here for a sample.   More at www.neffa.org

NEFFA: The New England Folk Festival Association


The 3rd Annual Woody Brooklyn Hoot on
April 12
was an awesome show

Thank you to everyone who made it so much fun!

Thanks to the Jalopy Theater and School of Music,
the performers,

Don Friedman ▪ Alan Friend ▪ Beth Kotkin Joel Landy
Anne Price Steve Suffet

the Folk Music Society of New York, Inc. ,
and the great audience who came to sing.

Video from the evening of Woody music
will be posted here soon.


I had the pleasure of participating
at this year's MLK weekend open mic

at my favorite progressive coffeehouse,
the Peoples' Voice Cafe in NYC.
I thought it would be most appropriate to sing a song written by Matt Jones.

[click here]



The Best of 2014


December 12, 2014 at the
in Manhattan

I was featured at this showcase in NYC. The night before the House of Representatives voted for the bill that will fund and keep our government running. Republicans stuck goodies for the banking industry in there at the 11th hour written by their friends at CitiGroup. Enough Democrats voted for it to pass. There was other stuff in that bill too that the Senate passed and the President signed in the days that followed.
I am still livid. I took my energy about it and my attitude to the stage and began my set with the video to the right. -->
[click pic for You Tube link]

December 15, 2014 at the
UTES Got Talent at New Utrecht High School
song: "When I Was Young" by Matt Jones

Matt Jones devoted his life to the struggle of social justice in this country. Some time after the 1960s he articulated what we all now know - that the fight for freedom and equality has not ended at all. His song frames this stark perception vividly.
[click on the photo --> for You Tube link]


A Year In Review


"For the Love of Pete"

A celebration of the life and music of Pete Seeger

Summer Fun!   2014

New York City Friends of Clearwater

Water Festival   August 23

2014 Labor Day Parade

in New York City   September 6

The People's Climate March in

New York City  September 21

2014: A Year to Remember

The New England Folk Festival

The Second Annual Woody Guthrie Brooklyn Hoot

The Pipeline Follies  (Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline)

New Utrecht's Got Talent  ◊  The New Utrecht High School Talent Show

The United Nations Association of Queens  presents
an Earth Day Celebration at the Queens Museum of Art

Music For All Ages at The Redwood Deli



Where I've Been

Performances  2013 and 2012"

He's a real live wire ! "  

~  Pete Seeger  ~






pages and pages of them at youtube.com

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Close Indian Point NOW!

The Eve of Depression
With apologies and thanks to Barry McGuire and P.F. Sloan

click on pic   click twice for You Tube MP3 version

The International Express
more than a subway train, it's the world in motion



Songs of Freedom
YIPPIE Museum Cafe Archive

(2007 and 2008)

A season of topical music, free to the public in
Greenwich Village, New York City, hosted by Joel Landy


Without Borders



writing for godot

Brasscheck TV
a website where you can go to
educate yourself

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"He's a real live wire!"
~ Pete Seeger ~


Flashback link to


A year in review.

 Quick Vids 

"I Am Selling Off My Body When I Die!"   
featuring Joel, and
The Great Dancer Faith!

There But for Fortune.
performed at the 2013 New England Folk Festival

"By Any Means"  
Mitch McConnell sings his way into your heart,
but he and his obstructionist friends are
"Running Out of Time"

  On the Radio 

 Legal Illegal  (MP3 file)
WBAI live broadcast on
Bob Fass's
Radio Unnambeable

An interview with
WBAI's Ken Gale

(from 2008)


"Joel's engaging performance style has been nurtured through real experience in the TV studio and on the demonstration stage. 
He draws you in with the opening song and you're with him right through the encores!"

~ Ray Korona ~


"Joel is a dynamic performer who is able to connect with kids with special needs and adults alike. We consider Joel a Dream Team sponsor for his theme song and all of his voluntary efforts."

~ Vicki Fenton ~
President and Founder,
The Eve Fenton Love-All Foundation


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The Continuing
Life Story of

Faith Maya
Nagumo Landy

~ The Early Years ~

Click on the picture of the cute baby for a little bit of Faith.

Click on the family photo to see a movie.

Faith videos,
first 12 months

More Faith Videos

Even More Faith
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